The main target of this course is to enable students to read the Qur’an.  The course uses  an effective method called spelling ( التهجي) in Arabic، It depends on spelling every word separately and mentioning every Tajweed rule in the verse ( Aya).  Through  repetition , students will be familiar with the reading of  Qur’an verses.

 They  will also learn to read Noorani Qaida:

-alphabet with vowels (Fatiha, Kasra, and Dammah)

-Madd with Alf, Wow, and Ya’a.

-the exchange Madd(lengthening of the sounds of letters) .

-the required attached Madd.

-the separate allowed Madd.

-tanween with Fatiha, Kasra, and Dammah


-laam Sakinah rules.

-shadda with Fatiha, Kasra, and Dammah.


Mastering this rule will enable any learner alone to apply this method to the Qur’an.