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To pass on the knowledge of the Quran is one of the greatest honors in this world. We strive to play our part in spreading knowledge to people around the world who wish to learn but our restrained due to time or resources. We offer classes at flexible timing, during the day. We offer interactive online classes to learn Quran at home, Arabic tajweed, and Noor Albanian as well as Quran English Classes.

Female Teacher | Alimaanonline

Learn Quran online with tajweed

We offer interactive Islamic classes by qualified scholars, designed to cater to every level, from kids to beginners to experts.

The glorious Quran is the most revered of sciences and the ultimate source of knowledge; as it is the word of Almighty Allah, creator of the universe.  As Muslims, it is our foremost duty to learn and understand the wisdom in Quran.



Easy learning programs through One-on-One classes



Certified native Arabic tutors with Ijazah

Flexible Time | Alimaanonline


We offer classes at flexible timing, during the day

Female Teacher | Alimaanonline


Certified native Arabic female tutors with Ijazah for sisters and kids.

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Alimaan Online offers the best Quran teaching classes, Tajweed classes and Islamic studies courses online


What Our Students Are Saying

Sister Sara is a wonderful teacher and we are blessed to have her teach our son Arsh. Sister Sarah is one of the most patient and kind individuals I have met and I believe teacher like her make learning easy, and fun. Our son Arsh looks forward to her class, and even on days he is tired from school, he really looks forward to the class. We have a a wonderful experience with Alimaanonline school thanks to sister Sara!
Hamid Mattoo
My teacher Sara has been wonderful alhamdulillah. We have spent equal time on learning tajweed theory and reading Qur'an out loud and we have been moving at a really good pace. Although I have sometimes had to rearrange classes around my availability my teacher has been so helpful and understanding. I really look forward to improving my tajweed and pronunciation Insha'Allah. The lessons are also quite affordable alhamdulillah.
Female Teacher | Alimaanonline
Syraat Al Mustaqeem
I have really nice experiences with ALIMAANONLINE. My teacher is really kind and have a huge knowledge. She mediates the teaching material in a very easy way to understand without giving less details. Ma sha Allah. I am so lucky to meet this organisation because you are doing such a good job Alhamdulillah. Barakallahu feekum. The teacher's was patient with my kids even though their english is not good .
Abdiqani Osman

Islamic Studies Courses Online

Alimaan Online is your virtual platform to pace your learning according to your knowledge level and your own schedule.

Certified Tutors

We have some of the most prolific Quran teachers with Ijazah to impart this pertinent learning to kids and adults alike. Most of our tutors are native Arabic speakers who graduated from prestigious Islamic institutions.

Unlimited access

Our courses are available for Muslims around the globe, and thus they are designed as individual study plans where you have the access to all the resources, 24/7. You can download, save and reschedule any lesson, anytime.

Weekly tracking

Learning is a two-way process and we make sure that you are thoroughly assessed for your learning goals. Receive your progress report weekly with teachers’ feedback to improve mistakes & special attention to your weaker areas.

Effective techniques

We put in a lot of effort to design creative and interactive methods like quizzes, mind maps, and exercises, that make Quran learning and Islamic Studies more engaging and easier to remember.

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