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Islamic Studies Course for Adults

The Islamic Studies Course for Adults encompasses five major areas of Islamic learning. These are the 5 foundational pillars of Islam and the source of our religious knowledge and practices. These Islamic Religious Sciences are a must-know for every Muslim.Al-Tafsīr, Sīrah, Science of Hadith, Fiqh, Aqidah. For the course; each major area is divided into several levels that go from beginner to advanced knowledge.

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Lessons Learned by Students in the Online Islamic Classes

Online Islamic classes provide a diverse range of lessons that empower students with a profound understanding of their faith. Additionally, through interactive sessions and engaging materials, students gain insights that shape their spiritual journey. Moreover, the classes foster a sense of community, allowing students to exchange experiences and perspectives, enriching their learning process.

What’s the Curriculum of our Online Islamic Classes?

The curriculum of online Islamic classes encompasses various aspects of the faith, catering to students of all levels. Furthermore, let’s delve into the comprehensive Islamic courses, Quran studies, Fiqh courses, Tajweed courses, Seerah of Prophet Muhammad SAWW, and Hadith courses offered.

1-Comprehensive Islamic Courses( Aqeedah):

These courses cover essential areas of Islamic knowledge, including Aqeedah (creed), Seerah (biography of the Prophet), Islamic State History, History of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, and Authentic Hadith. Moreover, students gain a holistic understanding of the foundations and principles of Islam.

2-Quran studies:

Students can embark on a journey to deepen their relationship with the Quran through courses in Quran Recitation, Quran Memorization, Online Tafseer classes (interpretation of the Quran), and Quran Tajweed (rules of recitation). Additionally, these courses enhance students’ ability to connect with the divine message.

3-Fiqh studies:

Fiqh courses provide practical guidance on various aspects of Islamic jurisprudence. Moreover, students learn about As-Salaah (Prayer), Az-Zakat (Charity), Al-Hajj and Al-‘Umrah (Pilgrimage), As-Siyaam (Fasting), Marriage and Divorce, Raising Children, and Fiqh for New Muslims. Additionally, these courses equip individuals with the knowledge to navigate daily life as practicing Muslims.

4- Tajweed studies:

Tajweed courses focus specifically on the rules and intricacies of Quranic recitation. Students learn to perfect their pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm, enhancing their ability to recite the Quran with precision and beauty.

5- Seerah of Prophet Muhammad SAWW studies:

Studying the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is a transformative experience. Moreover, these courses delve into the biography of the Prophet, offering valuable insights into his character, teachings, and the historical context of his time.

6-Hadith studies:

Hadith courses, on the other hand, explore the rich tradition of Prophetic sayings and actions. In these courses, students gain a deep understanding of the Hadith literature, its authentication, and its relevance to contemporary life.

Objectives of our Islamic Programmes’ Learning

The objectives of online Islamic programs are multifaceted. They aim to:

  1. Deepen knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings.
  2. Foster spiritual growth and connection with Allah.
  3. Promote moral values and ethical conduct.
  4. Equip individuals with practical guidance for daily life.
  5. Nurture a strong sense of community and brotherhood.

The Grades in Our Online Islamic Classes

Our Online Islamic classes typically offer a structured grading system to assess students’ progress and understanding. The grading may vary based on the institution, but it often includes regular assessments, quizzes, assignments, and examinations. These grades serve as a benchmark for students to gauge their knowledge and development.

What Differentiates Our Islamic studies Course for Adults?

 ·       24/7 availability.

To accommodate your schedule, we have a large number of male and female instructors on call around the clock.

  • Islamic Studies certificate

You will get a certificate from the supervisors and your Tajweed tutor at the conclusion of the module.

  • Report be the end of every month.

Our report card includes all the necessary comments, including:

  • recurring mistakes in tajweed
  • Advice on overcoming mistakes
  • Prepare for the next month.

Affordable fee package

In comparison to other courses, we offer you this one for a very low cost. Visit our price page to get a sense of the costs.

Tests and quizzes

To reinforce all the principles and improve your recitation, tests and quizzes are given.

The Islamic Studies course for adults will be taught by experienced teachers who will provide individual attention to each student to ensure they learn at their own pace. By the end of the course, adults will have a good understanding of Islam and its teachings, and will be able to apply its values and morals to their daily lives.

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