Noor Al-Bayan Course for Kids

Noor Al-Bayan Course for Kids

Embark on a transformative journey of understanding and connection with our exclusive “Noor al-Bayan Course for Kids.” This course is meticulously designed to illuminate the path of knowledge for Kids learners, providing a structured and profound exploration of Arabic language and Quranic studies.

Nour Albayan Curriculum Overview:

Level 1: Foundation of Arabic Letters and Pronunciation

  • Full Form of Letters: Introduction to the complete forms of Arabic letters.
  • Letter Pronunciation: Focus on correct pronunciation of each letter with an emphasis on the Fatha sound.
  • Word Examples: Using word examples to reinforce the lesson.

Goals for Level 1:

  • Students will proficiently pronounce and write each letter.
  • Emphasis on multiple examples and interactive methods like arts, crafts, games, and activities.

Level 2: Syllables, Recognizing Letters, and Expanding Sounds

  • Syllables Pronunciation: Progressing to pronouncing syllables.
  • Reviewing Fatha Sound: Reinforcing the Fatha sound and Arabic alphabet.
  • Introduction to Kasra and Duma Sounds: Learning to read with Kasra and Duma sounds.

Goals for Level 2:

  • Combining letters to form syllables.
  • Analyzing and constructing words.
  • Reading with Fatha, Duma, and Kasra sounds, applied in stories and Quran reading.

Level 3: Mastery Through Review and Introduction of New Elements

  • Review of Levels 1 and 2: Reinforcing previously learned concepts.
  • Madah of Alif, Waw, and Yaa: Introducing elongation symbols in Arabic.
  • Advanced Quran Reading: Reading Quran with Fatha, Duma, and Kasra through exercises and activities.

Goal for Level 3:

  • Understanding the shape of Madah in the Quran and regular reading books.
  • Proficient reading in various settings.

Level 4: Integration and Advanced Reading Skills

  • Review of Previous Levels: Comprehensive review of Levels 1, 2, and 3.
  • Introduction of Suqoon and Lam Qamareyeh: Learning to recognize and apply Suqoon and Lam Qamareyeh.
  • Emphasis on Tanween and Shaddah: Pronouncing Tanween (Fatih, Dameh, Kasir) and understanding Shaddah.

Goal for Level 4:

  • Reading Quran and other books with a holistic understanding of all elements learned throughout Levels 1-4.

Subjects Taught in our Noor al-Bayan Course:

Unit 1: Arabic Alphabets with Their Shapes and Forms

  • Introduction to Alphabets: Learners are introduced to the Arabic alphabets, understanding their shapes, and forms.
  • Writing Practice: Practical exercises focus on writing each alphabet accurately, ensuring a strong foundation in Arabic script.

Unit 2: Mudood (Alef, Woow, Yaa’)

  • Mudood Concept: Exploring Mudood, which refers to extending and lengthening the sounds of specific letters.
  • Alef, Woow, Yaa’ Pronunciation: Detailed study of the pronunciation and elongation of sounds associated with Alef, Woow, and Yaa’.

Unit 3: Sukoon

  • Sukoon Definition: Understanding Sukoon, denoting the absence of vowel sounds in a letter.
  • Application of Sukoon: Practical exercises for correctly applying Sukoon to enhance pronunciation.

Unit 4: Tanween with Fatha, Kasra, and Dammah

  • Tanween Introduction: Exploring Tanween, which involves the addition of vowel sounds (Fatha, Kasra, and Dammah) to a letter.
  • Application of Tanween: Exercises focus on applying Tanween with different vowel sounds for each scenario.

Unit 5: Shaddah with Fatha, Kasra, and Dammah

  • Shaddah Concept: Understanding Shaddah, where a letter is doubled in pronunciation.
  • Shaddah with Vowel Sounds: Practical examples demonstrating how Shaddah is applied with Fatha, Kasra, and Dammah.
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