Alimah/Alim Program( bachelor's degree program in Shari’ah)

Course overview:

The Alimah/Alim Program is a bachelor’s degree program in Islamic theology and Shari’ah (Islamic law). The curriculum offers a thorough examination of topics including Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, and the fundamentals of Tafsir, Hadith, and Fiqh. In addition, it offers classes in history, politics, leadership, philosophy, and advanced classical Arabic.

The Alimah/Alim Program aims to develop Ulama (scholars) and leaders who are proficient in Islamic sciences like Tafsir and Hadith and possess the professional qualities required to serve, advise, and lead the Muslim community with excellence. The curriculum and the environment in which it is taught are designed to produce scholars whose scholarship is characterised by tradition, intelligence, piety, responsibility, and generosity of spirit, ensuring that we are not just producing academics and professionals seeking a career but are also reproducing the selfless spirit that has always been so characteristic of Islamic scholarship.

This programme has already produced graduates of the highest level whose work is already helping the society in many ways. We firmly believe that the EC academic model and curriculum will shape Islamic education in the future and result in the production of capable Ulama, Imams, and leaders.

Admission Process

Entry requirements

In order to be accepted for the Alimah Programme, applicants must be 16 years of age or older and you will study the 1st term Arabic Intensive Programme at ALIMAANONLINE Institute or be able to show similar proficiency in the Arabic language. To be considered, candidates must be able to read, comprehend, and interpret the Arabic texts covered in the first year of the Alimah curriculum.

How to Apply

We are now accepting applications. Places do fill up quickly, so APPLY NOW! and don’t miss out.

After processing your application form, We will contact you to arrange an interview.

Following the interview, applicants will be informed of an outcome within 7 workings days.

Modes of Study:

This is a 4 year programme.

4 hours weekly.


£ 150 Monthly
  • 5 Classes /Week
  • 60 Minutes/Class
  • 20 classes /Month

Subjects Taught in the Alimah Course

1-Qur’an Studies:

The Alimah course emphasizes the study of the Qur’an, including recitation, understanding tafsir, and memorization. Students develop a deep connection with the Holy Book and gain insights into its teachings.

2-Hadith Sciences:

Diving into the vast ocean of Hadith, students explore the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They study the principles of Hadith authentication, classification, and the methodology of deriving legal rulings from Hadith texts.

3-Fiqh (Jurisprudence):

Fiqh forms a crucial part of the Alimah course, focusing on the understanding and application of Islamic law. Students delve into the various schools of thought, legal principles, and methodologies for deriving rulings in different aspects of life.

4- Aqeedah (Theology):

In the Alimah course, students engage in the study of Aqeedah, encompassing the fundamental beliefs of Islam. They explore topics such as the oneness of Allah, the attributes of Allah, prophethood, and the hereafter.

5-Arabic Language:

Proficiency in Arabic is essential for a comprehensive understanding of Islamic texts. The Alimah course emphasizes the study of Arabic grammar, vocabulary, and language skills, enabling students to read and understand classical Islamic texts in their original form.

Duration of the Alimah Course

The Alimah course spans Four years, providing ample time for students to delve into the vast realm of Islamic studies. On average, this course extends over a period of four years, during which learners explore a wide array of subjects to gain a comprehensive understanding of Islam.

Year 1:

During the first year of the Alimah course, students lay the foundation of their Islamic education. They engage in the study of the Qur’an, focusing on recitation, understanding basic tafsir (exegesis), and memorizing selected portions. Additionally, students begin learning Arabic grammar and vocabulary, essential for comprehending classical Islamic texts.

Year 2:

In the second year, students deepen their understanding of the Qur’an, delving into more advanced tafsir and memorizing additional chapters. They continue their study of Arabic, expanding their vocabulary and grammar skills. Introduction to Hadith studies is also introduced, covering the principles of authentication and the study of selected Hadith collections.

Year 3:

The third year of the Alimah course delves further into the study of Hadith, exploring more extensive collections and delving into the methodology of deriving legal rulings from Hadith texts. Students also engage in in-depth Fiqh (Jurisprudence) studies, delving into the major schools of thought and the application of Islamic law in various contexts.

Year 4:

In the final year of the Alimah course, students consolidate their knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program. They deepen their understanding of Fiqh, focusing on specialized areas such as family law, transactions, and worship. Aqeedah (Theology) studies further strengthen their understanding of Islamic beliefs, and they engage in research projects and advanced Arabic language studies.

Program instructor:

The program is taught by :

Dr.Mahmoud Ali. PhD in Islamic studies from Lancaster University, 

Dr. Shuruk Muhamad, a University teacher at UDC Spain. She has got ijazah of Ten Quiraat and books of tajweed and Islamic Studies. She has been working as a trainer for Qur’an and Arabic teachers. 

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