Hifz classes for Kids

Hifz classes for Kids

Embarking on a journey of Quran memorization is a profound and enriching experience, especially for young minds. Our specialized Hifz classes for kids aim to create an environment where they not only memorize but also understand and cherish the divine words. Let’s explore the intricacies of our Hifz program designed exclusively for kids.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Hifz Classes for Kids:

  • Overview: A comprehensive introduction to the Hifz journey and its significance for young learners.
  • Objective: Building a strong foundation in Quran memorization while fostering a love for the Quran.

2. Structured Learning Environment:

  • Dedicated Tutors: Experienced tutors provide personalized guidance and support.
  • Interactive Sessions: Engaging activities to make memorization enjoyable and effective.

3. Quran Memorization Techniques:

  • Visualization: Incorporating visualization techniques to aid in the memorization process.
  • Recitation Practice: Daily recitation practice sessions to enhance retention.

4. Age-Appropriate Curriculum:

  • Short Surahs: Focusing on memorizing shorter chapters to ensure gradual and confident progress.
  • Storytelling: Infusing Quranic stories to connect the verses with real-life lessons.


Our Quran Memorization Course for Kids: A Two-Stage Journey

Stage 1: Learning the Rules of Tajweed


In the initial stage, young learners delve into the fundamental rules of Tajweed, the art of reciting the Quran with precision and melodiousness.

1. Basics of Tajweed:

  • Letter Pronunciation: Mastering the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters.
  • Rules of Noon and Meem: Understanding the rules governing the pronunciation of Noon and Meem.

2. Application of Tajweed Rules:

  • Recitation Practice: Practical sessions to apply Tajweed rules in Quranic verses.
  • Individual Guidance: Personalized feedback from experienced tutors to enhance Tajweed skills.

3. Memorization Techniques:

  • Visualization: Incorporating visualization techniques to aid in the understanding of Tajweed rules.
  • Interactive Learning: Engaging activities to make learning Tajweed enjoyable.

Stage 2: Qur’an Memorization


The second stage marks the commencement of Quran memorization, wherein students gradually commit verses to memory, fostering a deep connection with the divine text.

1. Gradual Memorization:

  • Short Surahs: Starting with shorter chapters to ensure a gradual and confident learning process.
  • Revision Sessions: Regular reviews to reinforce previously memorized portions.

2. Personalized Learning Plans:

  • Individual Pace: Allowing each child to progress at their own pace.
  • Focused Support: Providing additional support for challenging verses.

3. Recitation Practice:

  • Daily Recitation: Encouraging consistent daily recitation to strengthen memorization.
  • Group Recitation: Opportunities for collaborative learning through group recitation.

Our Quran Memorization Schedule for Kids:

1. Daily Memorization Sessions:

  • Structured Sessions: Allocating specific time slots for focused memorization.
  • Revision Periods: Regular reviews to reinforce memorized portions.

2. Interactive Learning Activities:

  • Games and Quizzes: Integrating fun activities to make learning engaging.
  • Group Recitation: Encouraging collaborative learning through group recitation.

Benefits of Studying Hifz Classes for Kids:

1. Spiritual Growth:

  • Connection with the Divine: Instilling a deep connection with Allah’s words for spiritual development.
  • Moral Development: Imbibing moral values from the Quranic teachings.

2. Cognitive Development:

  • Memory Enhancement: Strengthening memory through regular memorization exercises.
  • Concentration Improvement: Building focus and concentration during Quranic studies.

3. Confidence Building:

  • Achievement Recognition: Celebrating milestones to boost a child’s confidence.
  • Public Recitation: Opportunities for kids to recite in front of a supportive audience.

Course Features

  • 1 Free Trial Class
  • Completion Certificates
  • Classes Around The Clock
  • One-To-One Live Sessions
  • Male & Female Tutors
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