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Aqeedah Course for Sisters:Online Islamic classes

In the realm of Islamic education, an Aqeedah course for sisters stands as a beacon, guiding women on a profound journey of spiritual understanding. This comprehensive course provides a unique opportunity for sisters to delve into the intricacies of Aqeedah, fortifying their beliefs and fostering a deeper connection with their faith.

Course Overview: Empowering Sisters with Knowledge

In this Aqeedah course designed exclusively for sisters, participants embark on a transformative educational expedition. The course amalgamates traditional teachings with contemporary insights, ensuring a holistic understanding of Aqeedah principles. Through a dynamic curriculum, students traverse the core tenets of the Islamic creed, exploring the fundamental beliefs that underpin their faith.

Our Course Topics for an Aqeedah Course for Sisters:

Introduction to Aqeedah:

  • Definition of Aqeedah
  • Importance of Aqeedah in Islam
  • The distinction between Aqeedah and Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

Oneness of Allah (Tawhid):

  • Categories of Tawhid (Oneness of Allah)
  • Understanding and affirming the oneness of Allah in belief and practice
  • Common misconceptions and clarifications

Prophethood (Risalah):

  • Concept of prophethood in Islam
  • Role and responsibilities of prophets
  • A study of major prophets in Islamic history

Divine Books (Kutubullah):

  • Revelation and the importance of divine scriptures
  • Overview of major holy books in Islam (e.g., Quran, Torah, Bible, Psalms, Scrolls of Abraham)

Angels and the Unseen (Malak and Ghaib):

  • Existence and nature of angels in Islam
  • Belief in the unseen world
  • Angels’ roles in human life and the cosmos

Predestination (Qadr):

  • Understanding the concept of Qadr (divine predestination)
  • Balancing free will and divine decree
  • The wisdom behind tests and trials

Islamic Ethics and Morality:

  • Moral teachings in Islam
  • Virtues and vices
  • Applying ethical principles in daily life

Contemporary Issues in Aqeedah:

  • Addressing modern challenges to Aqeedah
  • Engaging with contemporary theological debates
  • Navigating religious diversity and pluralism

Comparative Religion:

  • Comparative study of Islam with other major world religions
  • Addressing common misconceptions and promoting interfaith understanding

Spiritual Development and Worship:

  • Strengthening spiritual connection through acts of worship
  • The role of prayer, fasting, and charity in enhancing Aqeedah
  • Personal development in the context of Islamic belief

Women in Islamic Theology:

  • The status and role of women in Islamic theology
  • Addressing gender-related misconceptions
  • Empowering women through Islamic teachings

Aqeedah Course levels:

Beginner Level:

  1. Introduction to Aqeedah:
    • Definition of Aqeedah
    • Basic understanding of the significance of Aqeedah in Islam
  2. Oneness of Allah (Tawhid):
    • Simple explanation of the oneness of Allah
    • Basic understanding of the categories of Tawhid
  3. Introduction to Prophethood (Risalah):
    • Basic understanding of the concept of prophethood
    • Introduction to a few major prophets in Islam

Intermediate Level:

  1. Advanced Tawhid Concepts:
    • In-depth study of the different categories of Tawhid
    • Understanding the implications of Tawhid in various aspects of life
  2. Detailed Study of Prophethood (Risalah):
    • Comprehensive exploration of the concept of prophethood
    • In-depth study of the lives and missions of major prophets
  3. Divine Books (Kutubullah):
    • Detailed study of the importance of divine scriptures
    • In-depth exploration of the Quran and its themes
  4. Angels and the Unseen (Malak and Ghaib):
    • Advanced study of the existence and roles of angels
    • Exploration of the unseen world in Islamic theology

Advanced Level:

  1. Philosophical Aspects of Aqeedah:
    • Introduction to philosophical discussions within Aqeedah
    • Exploring theological debates and perspectives
  2. Advanced Concepts in Prophethood and Messengership:
    • Delving into nuanced aspects of prophethood
    • Examining the role of messengers in delivering divine messages
  3. Advanced Study of Qadr (Predestination):
    • Philosophical and theological discussions on divine predestination
    • Analyzing the balance between free will and divine decree

Aqeedah Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the Aqeedah course, sisters can anticipate a plethora of profound outcomes that extend beyond mere academic achievements.

  1. Firm Aqeedah Foundation:
    Participants develop a solid foundation in Aqeedah, fostering a steadfast belief system that becomes an anchor in their daily lives.
  2. Increased Spiritual Awareness:
    The course cultivates heightened spiritual awareness, enabling sisters to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and unwavering faith.
  3. Community Engagement:
    Armed with enriched knowledge, participants are encouraged to actively engage with their communities, sharing their newfound insights and contributing to the collective growth of the ummah.
  4. Confidence in Articulating Beliefs:
    Sisters emerge from the course with the confidence to articulate their beliefs, engaging in meaningful conversations about Aqeedah with clarity and conviction.

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